Aleppo soap

Aleppo soap

Interesting facts and tips about our Olibeer Aleppo style saop 

Aleppo soap, also known as Syrian laurel soap, is a mild soap made from olive oil and laurel oil, 
produced in and around Aleppo, now well known also outside of Syria. As the soap is made 
entirely without dyes, artificial flavors, perfumes, stabilizers or other synthetic or chemical 
substances, the Aleppo soap belongs to the natural soaps. 
We use a very high proportion of 25% organic laurel oil, therefore our soaps also require a long 
maturation period. Only after 6-8 months the soaps are ready for sale and therefore  very mild 
and gentle on the skin. Also the ancient Greeks and Romans knew the laurel soap, which has 
high levels of linoleic acid and is rich in vitamins A and E as well as in minerals such as potassium,
magnesium and calcium. The soap, in addition to the cleansing, acts as a firming agent due to the 
high proportion of laurel oil , antibiotic and antifungal cleanser for the skin, 
also stimulating and moisturizing. 

Other characteristics of the Olibeer Aleppo soap:

Clothes moths do not like Aleppo soap at all. Therefore always keep a matured piece of it in your 
moth defense wardrobe!

Aleppo soap has long been used to remove and stain stains, including delicate fabrics and other materials.

In case of insect bites rub in the last spots with a quick dry Aleppo soap an itches will slowdown fast.

If cramps in your legs, put a piece of dry Aleppo soap under your sheets at the foot of the bed!

For skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis or psoriasis, only wash with Aleppo soap. 
Then cream as usual. After a short period of regular use, there are many cases of healing and visible improvement.

Our Aleppo soap can also be made into a shaving soap by adding water. Ideal for impure or sensitive skin. 
After shaving, please do not use an aftershave. Also very suitable for body shaving in women and men.

Take a bath with our Olibeer Aleppo soap. It supports the healing process in bronchitis as well as asthma. 
The Aleppo-soap causes an enlargement of the bronchi and promotes thereby a pleasant breathing.