For sensitive skin

Sensitive skin has very special requirements for cleaning. For our soaps especially for this skin type we do not use any fragrances or dyes. Our customers tell us about their very good experiences with psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and the care of sensitive children's skin.

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Unsere feine Milde - the most gentle soap


Pure soap  - mild and without fragrance and dyes! Suitable for every skin

4.95 *

Milchziege - Gaots milk soap


Nourishing, mild soap made from pure organic goat's milk, free of fragrances and dyes for sensitive and stressed skin.

4.95 *

Olivenölseife - Olive oil soap


A mild classic soap that uses only very few ingredients: olive oil and some coconut oil

4.95 *

Olibeer - Aleppo soap


All-natural olive oil soap with 25% laurel oil in the style of the classic Aleppo soap from Syria.

8.95 *
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