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Here you will find our beautiful soap dishes made of olive wood; every piece personally selected by us at our olive wood carver in crete.

In addition, we offer our natural sea sponges in various sizes as well as various loofah products and organza bags.

We use and recommend all customers a slice of loofah as a soap tray. This has the advantage that the soap dries faster, as loofah extracts its water and thus the soap lasts longer and is more productive. In addition, it protects your soap dish from unsightly deposits.

The organza bags we use to use up our soaps completely. We also like to use the bag on our soaps to produce more foam (like the sea and goat saop or our face brine soap).

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Slice of loofah


The perfect soap tray, purely ecological, washable and also suitable for exfoliation

0.50 *

Organza bags in different colors


Organza bags are perfect for storing soaps and for presents

1.25 *

Natural sea sponge big


Natural sea sponges from the Mediterranean sea around Crete for gentle and thorough cleaning

15.95 *


15.95 *


10.95 *
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