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Loofah sponge from the Egyptian cucumber

With the loofah sponge you can cleanse your body and massage at the same time - a real miracle cure for well-being! Forget about your washcloth, the loofah sponge is easier to clean and more hygienic.

Loofah, what is that?

The loofah sponge is also known as "washing sponge" and is made from the sponge gourd (genus loofah). It is also used in the area of ​​skin care for exfoliation and gives a feeling of wellness.

From the cucumber-shaped fruit, the outer skin and the cores are removed, and the fibrous flesh (vascular body) is cut into pieces and dried. Loofah is processed by hand without the use of chemical ingredients or dyes.

The loofah sponge is particularly suitable for cleaning the body, as it has a massaging effect that promotes blood circulation, but also removes dander or fine hair. For body cleansing, it is recommended to use the wet loofah sponge with circular movements and little pressure over the body. You should start with the lower legs and slowly work your way up to the heart. Also for long-term hair removal the loofah sponge is suitable. For this he is regularly applied to previously depilated body parts, so as not only to prevent hair ingrowth, but also to weaken the hair roots. Hair growth is affected and the skin stays softer and smoother. The loofah sponge is also helpful in acne, because it opens the skin pores and cleans. When dry, the loofah can also remove the cornea.

Cleaning the loofah sponge

It is recommended to rinse the loofah sponge thoroughly after each use and then to dry it. Even the occasional decoction or washing in the washing machine (without fabric softener) is possible. The disposal of the Luffaschwamms can take place over the compost.

Natural sea sponges

The best thing nature offers for your daily skin care.

The sponges are harvested in 20 to 50m deep water according to centuries old Greek tradition. They are natural, of organic origin, durable and not made of cheap substitutes.

Anti-allergic and circulation-stimulating, ideal for delicate and sensitive skin, facial care as well as for infants and children.

Water well before use!

Black pumice

Pumice is ideal for gentle removal of the cornea. Thanks to its rough structure, it is very effective, stable and fits very well in the hand.The pumice stone is extremely durable and a pure natural product of volcanic stone.