Goat milk soaps


You want a particularly nourishing soap with soft, delicate foam? Then you will definitely find something in this category! All soaps of this category are made with fresh, regional organic goat's milk.

Luxury soaps


Soap is not only there to cleanse but also to enjoy! Our special soap compositions with exclusive and exquisite ingredients (for example, real silk, propolis and much more) can be found here.

Men's choice


Here you will find soaps with more masculine scent that convince both men and women, who like sweet and floral scents less and like to be surprised by the harsh and fresh scents.

For sensitive skin


Extra mild soaps for sensitive skin which are very suitable for children and allergy sufferer.

Classic soaps


Whether classic lavender soap, creations with fruity scent or something colorful for the good mood in the shower ... here really everyone will find something for his taste!

Soaps without palm oil


Here you will find our soaps, which are produced without palm oil. For all soaps with palm oil, we have to purchase this from sustainable cultivation in Thailand, which we have personally convinced on site.

Bath pralines


The perfect enjoxment for skin and soul on cold winter days with a high care effect.

Nice and useful things


Olive wood products, natural sponges, organza bags and loofah products can be found here.