Bath pralines

Given into the incoming, warm bath water, the bathing praline begins to bubble gently. When melting, it releases its high-quality and all-natural ingredients that pamper and nourish the skin with high-quality shea butter and cocoa butter. The oils are gently applied to your skin so that creaming after the bath is unnecessary. Especially on cold and uncomfortable days a real luxury for skin and soul.

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Bath praline "Pure Nature"


Our bathing praline for allergy sufferers, children and sensitive skin - pure nature!

2.95 *

Bath praline with argan oil


Our luxury bath praline with precious argan oil - known for its anti-aging effect!

2.95 *

Bath Praline "Flower Power"


The bath praline with a slightly exotic scent and petals to dream away and enjoy.

2.95 *

Bath Praline "Blue Lagoon"


Immerse yourself in your Blue Lagoon - when it melts, the bath praline turns the water a delicate caribbean blue

2.95 *

Bath praline "Rose garden"


Enjoy a bath with nourishing oils, rose petals and the delicate scent of garden roses

2.95 *
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