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Here you will find soaps with more masculine scent, so no flowery or sweet notes. Meanwhile, however, we have noticed that these soaps are also very well received by women, when more bitter notes are preferred. Let yourself be surprised by the exciting compositions!

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Rasierseife in der Dose - Shaving soap in a can

Product no.: 40000


Perfect for travellers because of the recloasable can.


7.95 *

Orientalische Gewürzseife - Oriental spice soap

Product no.: 40028


Shower and scrub soap with sea salt, sesame seeds and a delicate aroma of essential oils!

4.95 *

Männertraum - Mens dream soap

Product no.: 40056


Mild caring soap with organic goat's milk and mystical-tart fragrance for men and women

4.95 *


Product no.: 40057


The soap for real men! Suitable for shower and hair washing with a sporty men's fragrance

4.95 *

Bierseife - Beer soap

Product no.: 40048


High-quality care soap with the best of the Bavarian staple food - only with better fragrance!

4.95 *
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