Luxury soaps

Luxury soaps

Our luxury soaps impress with their very special ingredients, such as propolis, honey or real silk. All guarantee a particularly nourishing and sensual cleansing of your skin.

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Rasierseife in der Dose - Shaving soap in a can

Product no.: 40000


Perfect for travellers because of the recloasable can.


7.95 *

Buddhaseife - Buddhas soap

Product no.: 40016


A piece of Asia for your shower - pure luxury with an exotic fragrance and nourishing oils 


4.95 *

Ringelblumen Ziegenmilch - Marigold soap

Product no.: 40018


Very mild and healing goat's milk soap with regional marigold blossoms.


4.95 *

Imkerseife - beekeeper soap

Product no.: 40019


Caring soap with honey, propolis and high-quality oils - and a delicate scent of beeswax

4.95 *

Ziegenmilch-Honigseife - Goat milk honey soap

Product no.: 40035


Caring soap with soft foam and a memory of childhood - because of her aroma of hot milk with honey.

4.95 *

Gesichts Sole Seife - Brine soap for the face

Product no.: 40025


High-quality and mild soap for the face, skin-tightening and soothing with honey, beeswax and real silk.

4.95 *

Seidenziege - Goat's milk soap with silk

Product no.: 40041


Luxury soap made from pure organic goat's milk with real, moisturizing silk

4.95 *

Rosenseife - rose soap

Product no.: 40027


This classic, mild conditioning soap spoils with the delicate scent of the garden rose

4.95 *

Männertraum - Mens dream soap

Product no.: 40056


Mild caring soap with organic goat's milk and mystical-tart fragrance for men and women

4.95 *

Olibeer - Aleppo soap

Product no.: 40043


All-natural olive oil soap with 25% laurel oil in the style of the classic Aleppo soap from Syria.

8.95 *


Product no.: 40057


The soap for real men! Suitable for shower and hair washing with a sporty men's fragrance

4.95 *

Arganölseife - Argan oil soap

Product no.: 40044


High-quality soap with a high percentage of Moroccan argan oil, which is known for its anti-aging effect!

4.95 *

Bierseife - Beer soap

Product no.: 40048


High-quality care soap with the best of the Bavarian staple food - only with better fragrance!

4.95 *

Eisenkrautseife - Verbena soap

Product no.: 40055


A wonderfully natural care soap with the best of lemon verbena.

4.95 *

Aloe vera soap

Product no.: 40058


With a lot of good natural and moisturizing aloe vera gel

4.95 *

Werdenfelser Kräuterseife - Herbal soap

Product no.: 40059


For this soap we use domestic herbal tea and regional mountain flowers!

4.95 *

Seidenseife mit Mohn - Silk soap with poppy seeds

Product no.: 40020


This luxury exfoliating soap contains real, dissolved silk and shea butter to nourish the skin.


4.95 *

Pfefferminz-Lavendel - Peppermint lavender soap

Product no.: 40022


The soap with fresh mint and lavender scent - especially pleasant summer time because of the cooling effect of peppermint.

4.95 *
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