Classic soaps

Classic soaps

Here you will find our classic natural soaps. All are produced without preservatives, surfactants, silicones and other chemical additives in loving craftsmanship. You will find classic soaps such as lavender and rose soap as well as surprising compositions!

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Gärtner- und Handwerkerseife - Gardener and Craftsmen soap

Product no.: 40001


Gentle but thorough cleaning for heavily soiled hands by corn grits and poppy seeds


4.95 *

Pferde- und Tierseife - Pets soap

Product no.: 40002


A natural protection against parasites and skin diseases with neem oil and essenatial tee trea oil


4.95 *

Altwiener Kokosseife - Shaving soap

Product no.: 40008


Shaving soap with strong, stable foaming and skin-soothing lavender oil


4.95 *

Ringelblumen Ziegenmilch - Marigold soap

Product no.: 40018


Very mild and healing goat's milk soap with regional marigold blossoms.


4.95 *

Imkerseife - beekeeper soap

Product no.: 40019


Caring soap with honey, propolis and high-quality oils - and a delicate scent of beeswax

4.95 *

Lavendelseife - Lavender soap

Product no.: 40017


Classic lavender soap with natural, essential oils from France.


4.95 *

Olivenölseife - Olive oil soap

Product no.: 40021


A mild classic soap that uses only very few ingredients: olive oil and some coconut oil

4.95 *

Orientalische Gewürzseife - Oriental spice soap

Product no.: 40028


Shower and scrub soap with sea salt, sesame seeds and a delicate aroma of essential oils!

4.95 *

Rosenseife - rose soap

Product no.: 40027


This classic, mild conditioning soap spoils with the delicate scent of the garden rose

4.95 *

Olibeer - Aleppo soap

Product no.: 40043


All-natural olive oil soap with 25% laurel oil in the style of the classic Aleppo soap from Syria.

8.95 *

Bierseife - Beer soap

Product no.: 40048


High-quality care soap with the best of the Bavarian staple food - only with better fragrance!

4.95 *

Kaffeeseife - Coffee soap (with loofha)

Product no.: 40042


This soap eliminates kitchen odors like onion and garlic from your hands!

4.95 *

Duschseife Bavaria - bavarian shower soap

Product no.: 40038


As fresh as a bath in the cool mountain stream. White - blue for real bavarians and those who want to take the lifestyle home with them.

4.95 *

Eisenkrautseife - Verbena soap

Product no.: 40055


A wonderfully natural care soap with the best of lemon verbena.

4.95 *

Aloe vera soap

Product no.: 40058


With a lot of good natural and moisturizing aloe vera gel

4.95 *

Werdenfelser Kräuterseife - Herbal soap

Product no.: 40059


For this soap we use domestic herbal tea and regional mountain flowers!

4.95 *

Seidenseife mit Mohn - Silk soap with poppy seeds

Product no.: 40020


This luxury exfoliating soap contains real, dissolved silk and shea butter to nourish the skin.


4.95 *

Pfefferminz-Lavendel - Peppermint lavender soap

Product no.: 40022


The soap with fresh mint and lavender scent - especially pleasant summer time because of the cooling effect of peppermint.

4.95 *
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