Goat milk soaps

The particularly nourishing effect of goat's milk was already known in ancient times. Research has now proven the effectiveness of this ancient beauty product and observed that the ingredients found in goat's milk are similar to the natural acid mantle of our skin. So the skin is supported in the regeneration and receives a lot of moisture through the contained proteins.

We produce our milk soaps with fresh and pure organic goat's milk from our region, not from milk powder and without the addition of additional liquids. So we can guarantee that the milk was processed as little as possible industrially and meets our quality standards.

Soap made of goat's milk is particularly well-tolerated for the skin and has a fine, caring, yet well-cleansing foam. Anyone who has ever experienced the creamy foam of a homemade milk soap, will always like to resort to such a bar of soap ...

The skin benefits from the nourishing properties of the milk in winter, when heating air and the constant change between cold and warm are very stressful for it.

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Meeresziege - Sea salt soap with goat milk


Like a little trip to the sea! With 60% sea salt especially helpful for irritated skin and neurodermatitis .

4.95 *

Ringelblumen Ziegenmilch - Marigold soap


Very mild and healing goat's milk soap with regional marigold blossoms.


4.95 *

Mango Milch Seife - Mango milk soap


Good mood in the shower is promised with this  colorful all-round soap with fresh mango scent!

4.95 *

Milchziege - Gaots milk soap


Nourishing, mild soap made from pure organic goat's milk, free of fragrances and dyes for sensitive and stressed skin.

4.95 *

Ziegenmilch-Honigseife - Goat milk honey soap


Caring soap with soft foam and a memory of childhood - because of her aroma of hot milk with honey.

4.95 *

Blumenziege - Goats milk flower soap


This mild care soap for daily use is made with fresh, skin - care organic goat 's milk.

4.95 *

Seidenziege - Goat's milk soap with silk


Luxury soap made from pure organic goat's milk with real, moisturizing silk

4.95 *

Männertraum - Mens dream soap


Mild caring soap with organic goat's milk and mystical-tart fragrance for men and women

4.95 *

Kaffeeseife - Coffee soap (with loofha)


This soap eliminates kitchen odors like onion and garlic from your hands!

4.95 *
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